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Ministries @ The Lighthouse


Like the early church we gather together on Sundays for worship.

In August, 2017 we started meeting at Grace Baptist Church http://www.gracebaptistva.com/

located at 337 Lakeview Drive, Madison Heights, VA 24572

We still serve lunch at the Lighthouse at 12:30pm concluding the service.

 (Sunday 10:30am – 12:30pm)

Lighthouse Kids

A ministry to children mostly from area apartment complexes, focusing on teaching them and building them up in faith and love. While we are ministering to their spiritual and emotional needs with prayer and Bible study; offering loving attention, time and compassion, we also reach out to their physical needs, providing food and clothing to them and their families.

The Redemption Group

Faith based support group focused on the redemption Jesus provides in our lives and how to move forward as a New Creation in Christ; how to walk in freedom and live the abundant life as faithful disciples of Christ, as promised in 2 Cor. 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

(Wednesday @ 6:30pm)

Weekly Prayer Meeting

We gather on Thursday afternoons for intercessory prayer and spending more quality time with our God. Pray without ceasing.

(Thursday @ 1:00pm)

Abigail House

This ministry provides a location to allow women struggling or rebirthing in society; a place to live and establish a foundation for their spiritual and societal growth.

Bike Ministry

Serving the community by putting bicycles in the hands of those that need transportation. We accept old bikes as donations and we will refurbish them to like new!

If an individual is having trouble with transportation, we give away donated bicycles. We have a supply of used bikes that have been repaired and tested by a volunteer bike mechanic.

Christian Nurture &
50 Shades of Red: Every Woman has  Story

Monday at 6:30pm: Journey to Forgiveness. Woman’s bible study called 50 Shades of Red: Every Woman has a Story!

Tuesday and Thursday 9am – 5pm: FREE Woman’s Christian Counseling provided by a Licensed Christian Counselor In-Training.


Lighthouse is in collaboration with people in Haiti, India, and Africa to spread the Gospel and help with the daily needs of the people. We send teams to these locations throughout the year to continue the work that God is doing in each country.

Discipleship & Study Group

Daily at 11:30am, join us for devotions and bible study before lunch! Group study and fellowship to those who are looking to further their walk as a disciple of Christ. This will provide for communal needs that all Christians have as well as allowing the group to gain further wisdom and understanding of the text in the Bible.


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